Parental rules when it comes to alcohol use

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Parental rules when it comes to alcohol use

There is a controversial question in regards to whether a parent should let their kids drink at home, so that way they can be safe and not have to risk the fact of getting in an accident. What I tell parents is, number one, it is against the law for underage drinking. You are teaching your kids that it's okay to break the law. Most importantly, this is a time when your children's brains are still forming. It is crucial that that is allowed to happen without the influence of drugs and alcohol. Especially, when you are looking at alcohol. It affects the mature brain, the adult brain, a lot differently than it does an adolescent brain. When you are thinking about letting your child have a party and bringing other kids to the house party so they are safe; think about what you are putting your child's brain through. Sometimes, these effects can be irreversible. Think about it. You're not only exposing your own child's brain to the long-term effects, you are also affecting the brains of every child that comes to your house. Not only is it against the law, but you are taking a risk with your child's health. That should be the deciding factor as to whether or not you have a party at your house, just so you can be the "cool mom and dad." It's more important that your child is safe and healthy.
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Watch Sharon LeGore's video on Parental rules when it comes to alcohol use...


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Sharon LeGore

Family Advocate

Sharon is the founder and president of Momstell, a parent advocacy organization she created after the death of her daughter to a drug overdose.  She created the Momstell website in order to expand the mission to join concerned parents and families to work together towards improving drug treatment, education, legislation, and policy. Mrs. LeGore has worked on many drug and alcohol policy, state budget and legislative issues for Pennsylvania, including legislation to create the first statewide Parent Advisory Council for substance abuse issues in Pennsylvania. She serves on several policy tables and co-chairs the PA Children’s Advisory Committee.

Mrs. LeGore is a consultant on substance abuse family involvement issues for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and is also the co-director of the SAMHSA sponsored “National Family Dialogue”. Sharon co-authored the CSAT/SAMHSA report “Families of Youth with Substance Use Disorders: A National Dialogue”, an issue brief entitled “Family Involvement in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment” a journal piece for Reclaiming Futures entitled “Family Involvement in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery: What do we know and what lies ahead”, co-authored the “Access to Substance Abuse Treatment: Results of a Family Survey” as well as several additional published articles. She is a national speaker and also serves on the Parent Advisory Board for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Sharon is the mother of four and resides in Mt Wolf, Pennsylvania with her husband Terry.

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