Tips for victims of cyberbullying

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Tips for victims of cyberbullying

I have a number of tips for teens that are being cyber bullied. It's critically important for parents to know that, statistically, it's very likely that your child will be bullied. In fact, 85 percent of Middle School kids have reported being bullied. Statistically, 36 percent of girls will be bullied, 26 percent of boys. In 2011, 33 teens took their lives because of being bullied online. What I tell kids to do that are being bullied is, number one, don't respond. That's exactly what the bully wants you to do. You need to ignore them. Number two, go to a trusted adult or a parent and let them know what is going on. With your parent's help, make a copy of the incident so that you have proof and a record of the bullying. If you haven't already, block that person from your social media account. Block them from being able to contact you via your cell phone. All of the cell phone providers provide that capability. Next, I tell kids to remember that it is never about them. They haven't done anything wrong. It's about the weakness of the bully. Now, your parent needs to let the school know about the incident. They also need to go to the parent of the bully and ask them to take the content down. Parents need to know as well, that you can contact a website operator and ask them to take the content down, if the parent doesn't. I always encourage kids to remember that, because they know how painful it is to be bullied and how much it hurts, that in the future, if they ever see someone else bullied, it's an opportunity for them to do something and to stand up. Together, we have to be able to end cyber bullying.

View Mary Kay Hoal's video on Tips for victims of cyberbullying...


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Mary Kay Hoal

Family Internet Safety Expert

Mary Kay Hoal is a nationally recognized expert on children’s online safety. She is the founder and president of Yoursphere Media Inc., which focuses on the family and publishes the kids’ social network Mary Kay also offers parents Internet-safety information and tips at She has been profiled on CNN, Fox & Friends, FOX Business, E!, Lifetime TV, ABC News Now, and The Reader's Digest. Mary Kay is also part of the "Web Avenger" team for ABC's 20/20.

In 2012, Mary Kay founded The Yoursphere Media Foundation and Coalition for Internet Safety Education and Reform (FCISER), which is dedicated to creating a network of community educators that provide children, their parents, schools and communities, with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools they need to have a positive and safer digital experience.

Mary Kay has also been published on sites such as, Yahoo! Shine and ABC News where she's able to reach millions of parents. 


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