Making home computers safe for kids to use

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Making home computers safe for kids to use

A lot of people don't realize, there is a lot of free tools at your disposal that you can use to protect your kid's security and privacy; and help them sort of stay within the rules that you set for your house around internet usage. Starting with your computer itself! It has browsers on the computer. Same thing with your phone and your tablets. Go to those browsers, right within there you got parental controls, you've got security settings, and privacy settings that you can use. Start there. Then, the second place you can go is based on your kid's age, especially, if you've got sort of middle school or younger, Google has actually created a safe search tool. Ask your kids to use this search engine every time they do a search for their homework, or they're just looking for things on the internet. It will filter out a lot of the crude on the internet, and give them results that are going to be more age-appropriate. Then, there's some other great tools out there as well that you can put on your phones, your tablets and the home computers which will help you sort of monitor what your kids are doing. So they'll do things like help store the history and the cookies, so you can go back and look at those at a later time. So a lot of people don't realize YouTube even has privacy and security settings that have parental controls built right in. You just have to use them. So there, all of these free tools are great way to help you and your kids keep information about them safe and secure online, help them have fun, help them explore, but still sets some safety boundaries around them and around your house.

Learn about: Making home computers safe for kids to use from Theresa M. Payton,...


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Theresa M. Payton

National Cyber Security Expert

Theresa Payton is a well-known and highly respected national authority on cybersecurity, e-crime and fraud mitigation, and technology implementation. She has over twenty years of advanced business and security technology expertise and leadership at the highest levels of government and in the financial services industry, including being the first woman to serve as Chief Information Officer at the White House.  She is a wife and mother to three fabulous and fun kids.  She is also the co-author of the newly released book Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? and the founder of the S.A.F.E. Kids initiative - a classroom-based, digital safety program.

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