Is it ever ok to spank a child?

Watch Video: Is it ever ok to spank a child? by Carol Dweck, PhD, ...
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Is it ever ok to spank a child?

Is it every okay to spank a child? I would say no. The important thing for parents to realize is that every thing you do toward your child sends a message. And the message that you send when you spank a child is that it is okay to resolve a conflict with physical aggression. The research shows that that is what children learn. And later on in life, they are going to think it is okay to lose their temper and hit someone. It also shows them that you cannot handle your own anger in a rational way, in a way that helps the child learn what is right and wrong. Many parents think that spanking is a very pointed, dramatic way to teach children what is right and wrong. But decades of research have shown it does not work. Again, it just shows them that aggression is a way to solve problems and that you cannot contain your anger and deal with them in a rational way.

Watch Video: Is it ever ok to spank a child? by Carol Dweck, PhD, ...


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