Communicating with your toddler

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Communicating with your toddler

The way that I communicate with my toddler is actually by sign language. I find that the hardest thing with parents and babies that are kind of coming into their own is that they – mother and baby – have a very large communication gap and there is a lot of frustration that comes from that. Baby’s trying to tell you something, you’re acknowledging them, and saying, “Yeah, yeah, okay.” And baby’s going, “Urgh!” because you’re not getting it. I eliminated all of that with sign language. When I talk about sign language, it doesn’t have to be something you’re going to take to the street and communicate to a hearing impaired person. It can be something that you create that your team know that’s what it means. So all done, more, I’m hungry – things like that. You let the child use those things and you will eliminate the frustration that comes from mom and baby. They’ll tell you exactly what they want and it makes it so much easier.

Watch Video: Communicating with your toddler by Andra Clark, ...


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Andra Clark

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Andra is a mom of a 15 month-old, a business owner and a doula. In her free time she loves the outdoors. She enjoys camping with her family in their 1985 old-school motor home, listening to her collection of records, swimming, barbequeing, fishing, boating, shooting guns at the firing range, reading, dancing, doing yoga, and playing music (as she is also a musician and actress). She is a tomboy with a girly flare and very much a free spirit. Her daughter is her heart and soul and truly her very best friend, besides her husband. Her family loves to be together, sharing in spontaneous adventures!

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