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Watch Chris Rice's video on Advice for those considering adoption...
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Children Adoption

For parents who are just thinking about or starting down the road of the adoption process, my advice is know your options. Know your options and investigate all of your options. I think that the media plays a big part in what we think are appropriate options for adopting children whether it's through surrogacy or going abroad. But there are a lot of other variations, especially for gay parents including private adoption or foster adoption, which is the route that we chose. And they're all very different, they all have their own risks and pitfalls. And I think being realistic about the advantages and disadvantages of each of those methods is something that each parent, that's information that they should be prepared with, and make the decision that's right for them.

Watch Chris Rice's video on Advice for those considering adoption...


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Chris Rice

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Chris Rice has two young children, ages two and three. He and his husband Joseph adopted their son and daughter - who are biological siblings - from the foster system. Chris works in real estate investment. Before becoming a dad, he enjoyed world travel. Now, the idea of dragging toddlers around the world makes him prefer reading about travel from the comfort of his own home. 

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