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Golden Nugget

So my golden nugget of advice to parents – prospective or otherwise – is just relax, it actually all works out. I think there’s a lot of pressure placed on would-be parents before children arrive in your home. “Are you reading the right books?” “Do you have the right crib?” And once your children are on the scene, it’s, “Are you reading with them enough?” “Are you playing with them enough?” But there is no right or wrong to-do list with parenting. I think the correct thing to do as a parent is be involved. You figure it out. You love your kids and I think that to the extent that you’re able, you’re always going to make the right decision for them. So yes, you can always over prepare and you can put a great deal of stress on yourself, on your partner. But if you don’t prepare, your kids will live.

Watch Chris Rice's video on Golden Nugget...


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Chris Rice

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Chris Rice has two young children, ages two and three. He and his husband Joseph adopted their son and daughter - who are biological siblings - from the foster system. Chris works in real estate investment. Before becoming a dad, he enjoyed world travel. Now, the idea of dragging toddlers around the world makes him prefer reading about travel from the comfort of his own home. 

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