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Advice for working parents

So for the working parents out there, my one bit of advice is to say that it's okay to be a working parent. I think society introduces a lot of guilt and places a lot of pressure on you to spend time with your children and to be there at every moment. As a parent, you're cognitive of the fact that everything that you do to and with your children when they're younger has the greatest impact on their development. But at the same time, there are just realities that everyone has to deal with. And those realities include putting food on the table and keeping the roof over the head. I would love for my partner and I, for one or both of us, to stay home with our children. It's not a financial reality, but I don't think that my kids are any worse off for it. And so for the prospective parents out there who are also prospective working parents, I would say go for it. Your children need you as much as you can be there for them, but working parents have good kids too.

Watch Chris Rice's video on Advice for working parents...


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Chris Rice

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Chris Rice has two young children, ages two and three. He and his husband Joseph adopted their son and daughter - who are biological siblings - from the foster system. Chris works in real estate investment. Before becoming a dad, he enjoyed world travel. Now, the idea of dragging toddlers around the world makes him prefer reading about travel from the comfort of his own home. 

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