Judgments about same-sex parenthood

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Judgments about same-sex parenthood

I find that within the four walls of my house my family unit is no different but once we leave the house, in fact, it's very different. I think, to some extent, socially you're under a microscope and I think people wonder, are you different? You know, is the interaction between the parents and the children similar? So I think when we leave the house and we're out shopping or at a restaurant, I think I'm a bit hypersensitive about the things that I say, or the things that I do. And it's almost as if I'm trying to prove to not only other people, but prove to myself, that we're just like everyone else. And so it is different. There are a lot of visible gay parents out there now; certainly more so than just a few years ago and so, you know, I feel like I have to do my part to say, being a gay parent is okay.

Watch Chris Rice's video on Judgments about same-sex parenthood...


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Chris Rice

Same Sex Parent

Chris Rice has two young children, ages two and three. He and his husband Joseph adopted their son and daughter - who are biological siblings - from the foster system. Chris works in real estate investment. Before becoming a dad, he enjoyed world travel. Now, the idea of dragging toddlers around the world makes him prefer reading about travel from the comfort of his own home. 

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