Supporting children through divorce

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Supporting children through divorce

The way that I deal with my children asking about their father while we are separated. It's truly about honoring their feelings and emotions, not making them mine. Their personal process, their individual process as a prop for my own story of victimization or whatever. Allowing them to have that process that they are experiencing. Just not trying to change the subject. Not trying to make it bigger or smaller, just hold and listen. If I have an answer to it, I will answer it. If I don't, I will just hold. I will just say, "I miss him. I can appreciate that. I miss him, too."

Watch Video: Supporting children through divorce by Claudia Flores, ...


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Claudia Flores


Claudia Flores was Born and raised in Mexico City.  Claudia has three children. “Since a little girl my priority has been clear and steady: service. I have been fortunate to live a great life in all ways, where I enjoy exploring, observing, learning and, most especially, serving a number of causes and people around the world. I am committed to communicate the best of the resources available to me. It has been such a joy to share this passion and adventure with my children.” In 2012 she founded "The Angel Station Project": holding for creatives, innovators, transformational leaders, artists, humanitarians, activists and visionaries.

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