Sibling rivalry tips

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Sibling rivalry tips

The way I deal with sibling rivalry is by -- There is a funny game that I like to play with my children, which actually has a lot of meaning to me. We talk as if we were on different planets. In my planet, I communicate the way I communicate. I perceive things the way I perceive things. My space is my space. My planet communicates with your planet. Then, you are not wrong, you are just a different planet. I enjoy just allowing them to have their experience, not playing that they are different planets, just in every day experience. This is the way I deal with things and this is the way you deal with things. How are we going to come to terms and how are we going to allow each other without making anybody wrong? Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. Either this works or it doesn't, but nobody is right or wrong. It is not that I look for the opportunities to come forward, but I certainly enjoy the process of strengthening the muscle of negotiating and self-honoring. Standing up for your rights and your needs.

See Claudia Flores's video on Sibling rivalry tips...


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Claudia Flores is a social entrepreneur, activist, and mother who has devoted her life to the positive transformation of the planet. As the founder of the Human Sustainability Project, Claudia synthesizes her decades of experience in social impact work, international affairs and psychology. She is currently in development of practical tools, online courses, books, and transmedia pieces that provide opportunities for people from all over the world to integrate more of their Whole Well Being through practical microsteps. Enhancing our Whole Well-Being is a key component of achieving Human Sustainability because it enables us collectively to make more sustainable choices at every level: Self, Family, Humanity, and our Planet. Since 2020 Claudia has been fully dedicated to making HSP a powerful platform for connecting with a diverse group of thought-leaders. Her signature Research, Reflect, and Respond Process™ puts an emphasis on unleashing our untapped decision-making and problem-solving capacities. Through Claudia’s vision and leadership, and in collaboration with remarkable shared mission partners, Human Sustainability Project is poised to become a beacon of empowerment for parents, teachers, students, activists, artists, corporations, non-profits, and more. Get involved at

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