Single mom struggles

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Single mom struggles

The way I deal with being a single mother of three? In my experience, it's been a process, just letting go of the perfect picture situation, of things having to look in a certain way. As soon as I let go of the image that I should be with someone, and they should look like this. Allow yourself the space to embrace what's present, to embrace the new format, to embrace that families do not have to look any certain way, other than the perfect space for any child to bloom as who they are.

Watch Video: Single mom struggles by Claudia Flores, ...


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Claudia Flores


Claudia Flores was Born and raised in Mexico City.  Claudia has three children. “Since a little girl my priority has been clear and steady: service. I have been fortunate to live a great life in all ways, where I enjoy exploring, observing, learning and, most especially, serving a number of causes and people around the world. I am committed to communicate the best of the resources available to me. It has been such a joy to share this passion and adventure with my children.” In 2012 she founded "The Angel Station Project": holding for creatives, innovators, transformational leaders, artists, humanitarians, activists and visionaries.

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