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Hi, my name is Bell Hall. I am the co-founding director of Pact, an adoption alliance. We are a non-profit that serve children of color, exclusively, in adoption. The reason for that is that children of color are, in fact, underserved in adoption, as are their parents. That includes same race parents, their birth parents, and transracial adoptive parents. All of those groups. We have services that range all the way from placement, education, support, and community. It turns out, while much of the world thinks adoption is done once the placement happens, it is, in fact, a life-long issue. That's the issue. I have two children. My own family is built by adoption. My husband and I adopted two children, that are now adults. My son is African American and my daughter is Latina, so we are one of those rainbow families that are seen in adoption every day. I also grew up in an adoptive family. My sister was adopted and I was born to them, so we entered differently. In the lingo of adoption, that's called a blended family.
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See Beth Hall's video on Meet Beth Hall...


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Beth Hall

Director, Pact - An Adoption Alliance

Beth Hall is an adoption educator who co-founded Pact, An Adoption Alliance, which is a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color. Pact offers lifelong support and placement services for birth and adoptive families with adopted kids of color. A national speaker, she is also the author of numerous articles and a book, Inside Transracial Adoption, which is filled with personal stories, practical suggestions, and theory, and delivers the message that race matters; racism is alive; and families built transracially can develop strong and binding ties. In 2010 she received the Outstanding Practitioner in Adoption Award, from the Adoption Initiative at St. John's University. She currently serves as a contributing author and advisory board member for “Adoption Clubhouse,” a project promoting positive identity in transracially adopted children for the Evan B. Donaldson Institute for Adoption and as an Advisory Board Member for the On Your Feet Foundation, dedicated to supporting birth mothers of adopted children.Commitment to family is a way of life for Beth. She is the white adoptive mom of two young adults: Sofia, a Latina, and James, an African American. Beth grew up a member of an adoptive family—her sister, Barbara, was adopted. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband and sometimes her adult children, when they are home.

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