Meet Donna Holloran, MSW

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Meet Donna Holloran, MSW

My name is Donna Holloran. I'm a child development specialist and parent educator, and also the owner and founder of Babygroup Inc. Babygroup is parent education and support groups for and play for the child where parents will come to a group when their baby is just a few weeks or a few months old and have the opportunity to stay with their same group until children are between 2-1/2 and 3 years of age. And, what happens in the groups is there's a discussion group for parents where they're building their foundation of parenting in terms of getting some tools and ideas and little tricks to the trade to learn how to deal with their child as their child progress to those different milestones. And, children have the opportunity to play with other children in a really safe and warm environment. And, what do I love to do? Well, I love to travel. I love to find a great pool and just sit by the pool and read. I love hanging out with my little nieces and nephews and just spending time with them.
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See Donna Holloran, MSW's video on Meet Donna Holloran, MSW...


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Donna Holloran, MSW

Parent Educator

Donna Holloran moved to Los Angeles from Indianapolis in 1984 to pursue her graduate education and to continue building on her passion---working with young children and their families.  After attaining her MSW from UCLA, Donna also received a Certification in Infant Mental Health.  She practices as a parent educator and child development specialist. In 1996, Donna founded Babygroup in Santa Monica, California.

Babygroup provides guidance and insight to parents of infants and young children in small, intimate parent-child groups, inspiring parents to recognize and respond appropriately to their child’s developmental needs. Babygroup is also about developing strong friendships for parents and children, resulting in a true community of support.

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