Classes for mom and toddler

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Classes for mom and toddler

Parents really want to know what are the different things that they can do with their toddler. Classes or activities that their toddler will enjoy. A lot of time I think it´s mostly about the parent because the parent is feeling like what I am going to do with this child all day and is anybody else going through the same thing that I am going through. Some of the best ways to make some new friends are to join a little class where you meet parents who have children exactly the same age. So knowing that children are very curious about people and how things work and other children, finding a class that has the same age children. Maybe they love to move so activity movement classes. A little musical class. Classes where there´s a lot of unstructured play but that´s highly supervised because children are very impulsive and can get hurt quite easily. But that gives you an opportunity to meet some new friends, some people that have children the same age as yours so that then you can take that little play group that you formed and maybe start spending time at one another´s houses or go to the park or go to some other places that are in your city, such as a little museum or a little library that has story time. And then you can create your own play groups out of that. I find that those really well because then everybody is not forced to show up at exactly the same time and then what do you do if your child is sick and you can´t go. So just remember that children are very easily overstimulated. So try not to do more than one class a day. If you can find a class in your community where the parents can actually get some education while you are watching your child at play, and again they are being supervised, I find that that works really well too because then you are getting something out of it, learning some new tools on how to engage your child and how to deal with some of their behaviors and your child is having a really good time at play with others.

View Donna Holloran, MSW's video on Classes for mom and toddler...


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Donna Holloran, MSW

Parent Educator

Donna Holloran moved to Los Angeles from Indianapolis in 1984 to pursue her graduate education and to continue building on her passion---working with young children and their families.  After attaining her MSW from UCLA, Donna also received a Certification in Infant Mental Health.  She practices as a parent educator and child development specialist. In 1996, Donna founded Babygroup in Santa Monica, California.

Babygroup provides guidance and insight to parents of infants and young children in small, intimate parent-child groups, inspiring parents to recognize and respond appropriately to their child’s developmental needs. Babygroup is also about developing strong friendships for parents and children, resulting in a true community of support.

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