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Meet Eliot Berlin, DC

I'm Dr. Elliot Berlin. I'm a prenatal chiropractor and the founder of Berlin Wellness Group where we develop, teach and deliver mobilities that help provide comfortable and safe pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experiences. I live in Los Angeles and practice together with my wife, Dr. Alyssa Berlin who's a prenatal and postpartum psychologist, and we have 4 young children. When I'm not working, I love to hang out with the family. We love to cook. My little kids love getting in the kitchen and having competitions. We play Junior Iron Chef and Cupcake Wars. And, then, we go out and hike and burn off all the calories.
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Watch Elliot Berlin, DC's video on Meet Eliot Berlin, DC...


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Elliot Berlin, DC

Prenatal & Family Chiropractor

Ever since fate flung Dr. Elliot Berlin into the world of prenatal wellness care he has spent a dozen years discovering, perfecting and teaching techniques for improving musculoskeletal function to promote naturally comfortable and healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. During that time, Dr. Berlin has become a passionate advocate for the preservation and restoration of informed choice in childbirth. Dr. Berlin’s informed pregnancy project is his commitment to compiling and disseminating accurate, unbiased information using every form of media to empower new and expectant parents into becoming active decision makers in their healthcare choices. Berlin Wellness Group has offices in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and Orange County. Dr. Berlin lives with his wife, perinatal psychologist Dr. Alyssa Berlin, and their four yummy kiddies in Los Angeles.

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