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Baby Brain Development

Infant Brain Development.

Join Psychotherapist & Author Julie Wright and Psychologist Mona Delahooke as they discuss the importance of warm and loving engagement as part of infant brain development. Many parents get too hung up on what toys to buy, but research shows that the most beneficial type of play is what is called child-led or child-centered play time. This allows a shift in dynamics from you trying to teach your child, to getting down on the floor with your baby and letting them show you what they’re interested in and what their passion is.


- Well you might hear this term developmental clay, and what you might think is "Oh my goodness, I have to do all these things, I have to teach my baby and I have to buy all these flashcards and expensive toys." But the truth is you don't. Research shows that they type of play that's the most beneficial for your baby is what we call child-led, child-centered, it's also called floor time. In our mommy-me classes we call it special play time and what this time is it's time for you to shift the dynamic ... Read more

Dr. Ed Buchanan, a pediatric plastic surgeon, discusses craniosynostosis - a condition when the baby's head is shaped abnormally
First year of baby's development.
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