The importance of community when raising children

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The importance of community when raising children

Having a village to raise kids in is so crucial to their development. Hillary Clinton once wrote a book called, "It Takes a Village." The truth is, a traditional family, with a stressed out mother with a family living in the suburbs, is not a normal way to have a family. What's normal -- I'm talking about our biology and our hunter/gather history -- is to have an encampment or village; a multi-generational caregivers that could include older teenagers, grandmothers, aunties, nannies, sisters, cousins. Through this, children's brains actually develop better because every time a baby relates to an adult, they actually almost get a new college degree. They figure out, that one doesn't talk to me and that makes weird gestures. They are able to learn communication. Neuropathways develop in their brain and the amount of people that have attachments to them. When a young mother has a new baby, the most important thing she has to do in our modern future, to go to those baby groups. Those baby groups are not for the babies, by the way. Those mom groups are so that moms can find some sisters out there to help them raise that baby. Get out of the house as soon as you can. Join them in music classes, baby yoga; whatever you can do to build that village, so that you have other women to rely on in their village.

See Wendy Walsh, PhD's video on The importance of community when raising children...


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