Infant brain development in the first year

Parenting and Relationship Expert Wendy Walsh, PhD, explains how an infant's brain develops during their first year
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Infant brain development in the first year


Did you know that all human beings are all born premature? Pregnancy actually suppose to be like 2 years long, but the trade off was when we started walking upright our hips had to be narrow. Narrow hipped mothers begets small headed babies, so those women who are lucky enough to have premature births, babies with smaller heads that could fit out actually went on to propagate their genes who had babies, babies and babies. So, at the end of the day we have another pregnancy that happens outside of our body. It evolves breastfeeding, carrying, holding, consoling. The reasons why we were born premature because we have narrow hips, but what happened to that important year, that first year after birth is that our brain triples in size. That's when our babies form opinions about the world, is the world safe? Is mommy trustworthy? Is everything gonna be okay? And some way, that's how we build pessimist and optimist. So, it's really important to understand that pregnancy does not stop when the babies comes out of your body it goes on for another year at least.

Parenting and Relationship Expert Wendy Walsh, PhD, explains how an infant's brain develops during their first year


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Wendy Walsh, PhD

Relationship & Parenting Expert

Dr. Wendy Walsh was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work as co-host on The Dr. Phil spinoff, The Doctors TV show. She also hosts Investigation Discovery Network’s “Happily NEVER After,” as well as being part of Dr. Drew’s Behavior Bureau on HLN Network. On CNN and 9 Network, Australia, she breaks down the psychology of sex, love, gender roles, divorce, parenting and other human behaviors. Dr. Wendy is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at California State University, Channel Islands. She holds a B.A. in Journalism, a Masters degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and is the author of three books and numerous publications, including The 30-Day Love Detox. She appears regularly on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Inside Edition, The Katie Couric Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and The View.

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