The purpose of grandparents

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The purpose of grandparents

Did you know that there are only three species in the world that have menopause? The orca whale, the pilot whale, and human beings. That means that about a third of our human beings lives, we are young, energetic, efficient, wise, and infertile. Now, why has that evolved? Let's think about it. It takes a really long time to raise a human being. Most other animals are, basically, running with the pack within a few hours of coming out of mom's womb. Not human beings. There is a three or four year in arms or in stroller phase, that takes more than one adult. In other words, if there happened to be a grandmother who was infertile and had all this time an energy on her hands, and she helped out with her grandchildren, those grandbabies had a better chance to survive. It really takes multi-generations to raise a human being.

Watch Video: The purpose of grandparents by Wendy Walsh, PhD, ...


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