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Meet George Monroy

I'm George Monroy, I sell autoparts on eBay. My son is Caine, from Caine's arcade. He built his own cardboard arcade and now he's like a world famous 10 year old. And I have 3 sons; I have 2 older sons, one's in college, one's in high school. They're all active in sports. I don;t have any free time because I'm too busy going to sporting events and driving Caine around to his appointments.
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Watch George Monroy's video on Meet George Monroy...


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George Monroy

Father of Caine

George Monroy is the father of three sons and the owner of Smart Parts in East LA. His life changed dramatically when his son’s homemade arcade, Caine’s Arcade, was discovered and filmed, garnering over seven million views worldwide. 

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