Encouraging entrepreneurship in kids

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Encouraging entrepreneurship in kids

The way I encourage Cain to be an entrepreneur is buying him material that he needed to start his business. I would take him to a 99c store and buy some prizes and some scissors, tape, glue, and I would also buy stuff on Ebay for him to sell at the swap meet. So he was buying lots of wrist bands for, like 99c, and selling them for $4 at the swap meet. And then when he would come to work with me, he was getting boxes on a skateboard, and making a push cart out of it, and selling drinks and potato chips. And everybody was getting a kick out of him because he was so small and so cute that nobody could resist him. So he was going up and down the street. You know, does anybody want to buy a soda? Anybody need some potato chips? And if he ran out, he would run down the street to the vending machine and pay 75c for a dollar, so he was making a quarter out of every sale he would make. So he was happy doing that. And that's basically where he started. selling stuff about 8 years old.

Watch George Monroy's video on Encouraging entrepreneurship in kids...


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George Monroy

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George Monroy is the father of three sons and the owner of Smart Parts in East LA. His life changed dramatically when his son’s homemade arcade, Caine’s Arcade, was discovered and filmed, garnering over seven million views worldwide. 

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