Meet Gordon Neufeld, PhD

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Meet Gordon Neufeld, PhD

I am Gordon Neufeld. I am a clinical and developmental psychologist. I live in Vancouver with my wife. Have 5 kids, all adults, and 3 grandkids, which we love dearly. And my life's work is basically, has been, to make sense of kids, and then to be able to impart this knowledge to parents and teachers and to helping professionals. I used to teach at university and have a private practice for 40 years. I have retired from that and now devote my life full time to developing courses for parents and teachers and helping professionals and training people and faculty and so on how to teach these courses. So I have Neufeld Institute which now has faculty in a number of countries, a worldwide organization in trying to get this information. My burning objective is to be able to restore parents to their natural intuition, to put them back in the driver's seat with their children. And my hope is that I will be able to do that.
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Watch Video: Meet Gordon Neufeld, PhD by Gordon Neufeld, PhD, ...


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Gordon Neufeld, PhD

Psychologist & Author

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a Vancouver-based developmental psychologist with over 40 years of experience with children and youth and those responsible for them. A foremost authority on child development, Dr. Neufeld is an international speaker, a bestselling author, Hold On to Your Kids and a leading interpreter of the developmental paradigm. Dr. Neufeld has a widespread reputation for making sense of complex problems and for opening doors for change. While formerly involved in university teaching and private practice, he now devotes his time to teaching and training others, including educators and helping professionals. His Neufeld Institute is now a worldwide organization devoted to applying developmental science to the task of raising children. Dr. Neufeld appears regularly on radio and television. He is a father of five and a grandfather of three.

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