What to look for in a daycare

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What to look for in a daycare

The daycare question is a huge question for many of today's parents. We're in a place where we have to share the responsibility of raising children in our society. How best do we do this? The thing to keep in mind is that the context for raising children is the child's attachment to those who are caring for them. This provides us with the modus operenda, the guideline. What we want to look for in a daycare is someone that our child attaches to readily, they are open to that attachment. They move to the adult in charge, rather than the other children. What we want to look for in daycare is somebody who will preserve the attachment with us because that's very important. We want to be able to pass the attachment baton on to them. We want to be able to act as if we are an attachment relay team. The child moves from one attachment to another. We know they are speaking about us in a positive way. They keep us in mind with the child, so the child isn't experiencing separation. In today's world, because of the loss of extended family, where children are already attached to those who were going to be taking care of them and those people were attached to us as well; the grandparents, the uncles and aunts. Many of us do not have those natural caregivers in the child's life. What we do now, when we give birth to a child, many of us have to create the village of attachment where the child is going to be raised. Make sure that child is introduced to the person who is going to take care of them.
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See Gordon Neufeld, PhD's video on What to look for in a daycare...


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