Meet Jamie R. Wood, MD

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Meet Jamie R. Wood, MD

My name is Jamie Wood, and I'm a pediatrician, pediatric diabatologist at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles. I'm the Director of the Clinical Diabetes program at Children's. I became interested in diabetes when I was a medical student and had the opportunity to attend a diabetes screening for children who live with diabetes and really fell in love with the kids who live with this day to day. I was in awe of their strength and their courage and how they could go about their day and have fun and be normal kids living with diabetes. When I'm not taking care of kids with diabetes, I'm chasing after my two children. I have a 2-year old boy and an 8-year old girl. We love to camp, hike, and go to the beach. And we spend a lot of time at gymnastics meets.
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Watch Jamie R. Wood, MD's video on Meet Jamie R. Wood, MD...


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Jamie R. Wood, MD

Pediatrician, Clinical Diabetes, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Jamie Wood was born and raised in Vermont, where she also attended medical school. She completed her pediatric residency at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, and her endocrine fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston and the Joslin Diabetes Center of Harvard University. She moved to the Los Angeles area in 2008 and is now the Director of Clinical Diabetes Programs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Wood’s specialty is the care of youth with type 1 and type 2 diabetes—a field she fell in love with during a medical student rotation at a summer camp for youth with diabetes.  She also enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and playing with her husband and two children, Jackson and Olivia.

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