Meet Lawrence Kagan, MD

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Meet Lawrence Kagan, MD

Hi, my name is Lawrence Kagan. I'm a pediatrician on the west side of Los Angeles in California. I'm a proud father of two. My daughter is 5 years old. My son will be 3 next week. When I'm not at work, I'm spending time with my family. We enjoy going to the beach. I used to be an avid surfer. I went to UCLA for undergraduate, USC for medical school, did my internship and residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I actually stayed on working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Emergency Department for some time. It was a great opportunity for me to stretch my legs as a young physician. It’s a level 1 trauma center and an amazing place to work. I also worked at Cedars-Sinai Urgent Care and I recently opened my own practice on the west side called Westside Pediatrics. I'm very excited. It’s a boutique practice. Very beautiful. I enjoy working there and I feel like I work at four seasons.
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Watch Lawrence Kagan, MD's video on Meet Lawrence Kagan, MD...


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Lawrence Kagan, MD


Lawrence Kagan, MD, FAAP, is a UCLA honors graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He received medical training at USC Keck School of Medicine, and completed his internship and residency in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In addition to passionately studying neonatal, general pediatric and adolescent medicine at CHLA, he had the opportunity to train under some of the greatest minds in subspecialty pediatrics, diagnosing and managing the rarest and most complicated childhood ailments. Prior to opening Westside Pediatrics, he worked as an attending physician at the CHLA Emergency Department as well as at Cedars Sinai Urgent Care. Dr. Kagan is a native of Los Angeles and is happily married with two children.

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