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Meet Mike Spohr

Hi, my name is Mike Sphor and I'm a dad blogger at where I write about my daughters, Madeline and Annabel. I'm also the co-president of Friends of Maddie, which is the charity organization that helps the families of babies in NICUs across the nation. And in my spare time, when I get a spare moment, I like to play guitar when I'm not going to be waking up my napping daughter.
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See Mike Spohr's video on Meet Mike Spohr...


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Mike Spohr

Blogger & Dad

Author of the parenting blog "The Newborn Identity", Mike Spohr lives in Southern California with his wife, Heather, ice cream-obsessed two-year-old daughter, Annabel, and froufrou dog, Rigby. He is also the Executive Director of Friends of Maddie, a charity started in honor of his late daughter Madeline, which helps the families of NICU babies.

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