Advantages to being an involved father

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Advantages to being an involved father

I think there's definitely a lot of advantages for a dad being really involved in his child's life, for the dad and for the child. For the dad, you get to be there with your child and experience the great thing of watching them grow up and become the little person that they become. That's incredible, and you learn a lot of lessons that men are not really taught in the rest of their lives, so that's incredibly valuable. And then for the child, it's great for the kid too. I think growing up to see a man in a different role than maybe society kind of inundates them with, that's really valuable to have a more open-minded perspective on what a man can be. And also just being around your dad, I know personally at one point, my father worked overseas for two years. Those were the two hardest years of my life growing up. So, when you have a dad around to guide you and kind of support you, I think that's great for a child and really helps their development as much as possible.

Watch Video: Advantages to being an involved father by Mike Spohr, ...


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Mike Spohr

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Author of the parenting blog "The Newborn Identity", Mike Spohr lives in Southern California with his wife, Heather, ice cream-obsessed two-year-old daughter, Annabel, and froufrou dog, Rigby. He is also the Executive Director of Friends of Maddie, a charity started in honor of his late daughter Madeline, which helps the families of NICU babies.

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