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Meet Robert Brooks, PhD

I'm Bob Brooks. I've been a clinical psychologist for over 40 years and I've written a number of books and articles about one of my favorite topics that has to do with resilience. I'm also, in my personal life, the father of two grown sons, have two wonderful daughters-in-love and four precious grandchildren. And the person who's really held the family together and really has been my greatest support, has been my wife, Marilyn, we've been married for over 40 years. I became very interested in resilience, first working in the inner city of Boston where I became intrigued by how some people could grow up under racism and poverty and yet maintain a sense of dignity and hope that you might have not expected. But then, my toughest, most challenging position was running an inpatient unit in a locked door unit of a psychiatric hospital. And I worked with some of the most challenging youth you could work with. But yet, I became so fascinated by how many of them were able to rebound, to be more resilient, to bounce back. And I said, "We can learn a lot from these kids, then apply it to all children, whether they face adversity or not." And that's why I started writing about what can we do from the moment our children are born to help them to be more hopeful and optimistic and resilient. In my spare time I love to exercise, I love to spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. And actually, one of my hobbies, which may seem more work related, but I thoroughly enjoy, is sitting down and writing about my experiences and my thoughts about the topic of resilience and family relationships. It may be work related, but it gives me a great deal of joy to be able to share these ideas with others.
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Learn about: Meet Robert Brooks, PhD from Robert Brooks, PhD,...


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Robert Brooks, PhD

Therapist & Author

Dr. Robert Brooks is a psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.  He has lectured nationally and internationally and written extensively about the themes of resilience, parenting, family relationships, school climate, and balancing our personal and professional lives. He is the author or co-author of 15 books and has also appeared in several videos pertaining to helping children to become more responsible, self-disciplined, hopeful, and resilient.

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