Becoming a green activist

Watch Video: Becoming a green activist by Ed Begley, Jr., ...
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Becoming a green activist

I suppose I became a green activist in 1970 with the first Earth Day, and there were many things that influenced me. Some positive impacts which were my dad, he taught me to turn off the lights and turn off the water and save string in tin foil. He was the son of Irish immigrants. He had lived through the Great Depression, so that was a positive. The negative was living in smoggy LA. So by 1970, having lived 20 years, 2 decades in that smog, I knew the problems were real because I could feel them every day in my lungs. I could go down to Sta. Monica Bay and see the pollution there, it was real. I didn't need to read a study about it. And also, I'd heard about the Cuyahoga River catching fire in 1969, the year before, and I thought, "I think it might be a bad sign if rivers that are catching fire." There's so much pollution on that river, some of it flammable, that it went up in flames. So, all those things led me to the first Earth Day in 1970, and I got active, I got involved.

Watch Video: Becoming a green activist by Ed Begley, Jr., ...


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Ed Begley, Jr.

Actor & Environmentalist

Inspired by the works of his Academy Award-winning father, Ed Begley Jr. became an actor. He first came to audiences’ attention for his portrayal of Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long-running hit television series St. Elsewhere, for which he received six Emmy nominations. Since then, Ed has moved easily among feature, television and theatre projects.

Ed co-starred in the Woody Allen movie Whatever Works with Larry David, as well as the Seth Rogan/Judd Apatow film Pineapple Express, and a number of Christopher Guest films, including A Mighty WindBest In Show and For Your Consideration.

Other feature film credits include Batman ForeverThe Accidental Tourist and The In-Laws.

On television, Ed just completed Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, an HBO movie with Christopher Plummer, Danny Glover and Frank Langella. He also starred in the HBO movie Recount with Kevin Spacey, Tom Wilkinson and Laura Dern, and appeared in recurring roles on Six Feet UnderArrested Development and Boston Legal.

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