Green power program option for utilities

Ed Begley, Jr. shares the benefits and simplicity of signing up for green power programs in your area and how they can help the environment
Green Power Program Options For Utilities
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Green power program option for utilities

We're very fortunate in the city of Los Angeles to have a green power program where you can check a box on your utility bill, pay a penny extra and you will get green power to balance out what power you've used - 15 kwh a day, 30 - it doesn't matter, whatever you use, you pay a penny extra and they figure out what that amount is and buy out in the marketplace new wind power, new solar power and put it into that same grid that you're using. Now, it's not just the city of LA, there's many other utilities around the country so you don't have to live in LA to do this. Look up green power in your area, a green power program, and it's something that you can sign up for, pay a small bit extra - it won't cost you that much, a penny is not much per kwh. And then you will have green power. They don't run a special line to your house, but it really is balanced. It's like taking cash and putting it into the bank as a cash deposit, then going to the ATM and getting 20s out. It's a real cash transaction. You don't expect to get the same 20s back that you put in the bank the week before, the day before, but it's a real cash transaction. It's like that with the green power. It's real new green power that goes in the grid because you checked the box. And if you look in your bill and you don't see a check box, look in the back of the bill, sometimes they have it there for the green power program. Those are the key words, green power. And if they don't have that on the back of the bill, call the number for your utility saying, "I want some green power, do you offer it?" And if they don't offer it, tell them that you want it and they should. And of they don't get on it right away, you call your legislators and tell them you want a green power program at your local utility.

Ed Begley, Jr. shares the benefits and simplicity of signing up for green power programs in your area and how they can help the environment


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