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Keeping Summer Safe with LiveHealth

Jun 10, 2014

Summer is upon us, which means so are the inevitable summer injuries. Bug bites, sprained ankles, poison ivy… somehow, kids + sunshine – school = more visits to the doctor. That is, if the doctor happens to be open when these problems occur. And doesn’t it seem like most accidents happen on weekends, evenings, or when you’re nowhere near home?

Imagine if you had a way to reach a physician whenever and wherever you were, without having to go through miles of red tape, long waits or searching to find the nearest pediatric urgent care, even if your problem isn’t exactly urgent. A way to get medical advice – from a real MD, not from some random woman on your Facebook mommy group who pretends to be Dr. Google - with only your iPhone in hand.

You can stop imagining, because this has become a reality.

Kids in the House founder Leana Greene recently had the privilege of sitting on a panel with digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch, founder of Forward Living, Peter Antall, M.D., a Westlake Village pediatrician, and actress Elisabeth Röhm. The guests discussed summer safety, and how to ensure that our children can make beautiful summer memories while keeping out of harm’s way. The diverse and lively panel was brought together by LiveHealth Online, the creator of an app that allows parents (and anyone, for that matter) 24/7 access to physicians.

We’re blown away by LiveHealth’s new app, not so much because of the technology (although that’s impressive, too) but more because of the humanity. Instead of other sites where you have to click around or choose from a list of static symptoms, the LiveHealth app allows you to connect immediately to a living, breathing, doctor – someone who can ask the right questions and help you find legitimate answers. Basically, you pay a flat fee (starting at $49) and the app will connect you with a physician who is available to chat with you, live. While you wouldn’t want to use the service for an outright emergency, it’s perfect for those times when your regular doc isn’t available, or when you don’t have the ability to take off work or school to visit the doctor. Some insurance companies are even starting to cover LiveHealth’s services, so make sure to check and see if your plan covers this incredible option.  And regardless, download the app – you never know when you might need it!

Stay happy and healthy this summer – and for more tips on summer safety, visit Kids in the House for all of our fantastic videos on this topic.

*Sponsored and compensated by LiveHealth Online.

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