Meet Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

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Meet Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

My name is Jonathan Nadlman. I'm a licensed psychotherapist, been practicing since 1995. But I've been working with young people and their families now for 25 years. I also am a parent and child educator. I work in the non-public and independent school system in West Los Angeles where I teach Human Development as a rite-of-passage to young boys and their parents. I also have a private practice in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica where I work with adults, couples, groups, adolescents and teens. I also facilitate initiation rites for young boys and their fathers, as well as men stepping into marriage and fatherhood. On my weekends, I like to drum and surf and run and spend time with my beautiful wife and 7-year-old daughter.

Learn about: Meet Jonathan Nadlman, MFT from Jonathan Nadlman, MFT,...


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Jonathan Nadlman, MFT


Jonathan Nadlman, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 1995, and has been counseling adults, couples, young people and their families for twenty-four years.  For the past seven years, he has been teaching Human Development and puberty as a rite-of-passage at many independent schools. Jonathan was the supervising therapist at Pacific Hills Middle and High School for six years. In addition, he is a facilitator of rites-of-passage workshops for adolescents teens and adults.  When he is not working, he can be found trying to change wood into art, learning his djembe, or in the garden with his wife and seven year old daughter. Or on occasion, if there's a swell, riding the California surf.

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