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Resilience and Problem Solving Videos

Learn about: The book: Raising a Self-Reliant Child from Alanna Levine, MD,...
Dr. Alanna Levine, pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, discusses how a self-reliant child makes life easier for a parent and shares... read more
School Psychologist Stephen Gray Wallace, MS, Ed, shares advice for parents on how to use challenges to develop your child's character
Peter A. Levine, PhD Author of Trauma Proofing Your Kids, shares advice for parents on how to keep trauma from having a lasting negative impact on their child
Shefali Tsabary, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Author, explains the importance of embracing pain in life and how it is necessary to our teach children emotional strength
Psychologist & Author Edwin Locke, PhD, explains the gift of introspection for children and how parents can help develop their child's own introspection
Author and Bullying Expert Rosalind Wiseman shares advice on how to respond and respectfully confront other parents of a child that your child is having problems with
Best-Selling Parenting Author, Harry H. Harrison Jr. shares advice for parents on the importance of letting your kids fight their own battles, and explains what can... read more
Tina Bryson, PhD Psychotherapist and Author, shares advice for parents on how to help develop your child's emotional intelligence, empathy and insight
girl getting ready
As adults, we’re used to being productive; doing things when we need to do them. read more
Kids Play Outside in Bad Weather
If you’ve ever heard the saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” you may also know that it originates in Scandinavia,... read more
Kids in the House
Every experience a child has is meant to prepare them for life as an adult.
Parent Educator Dana Entin, PNP, RN, shares advice for parents on the best ways to teach kids how to resolve their conflicts on their own
How to discipline is key to parents. Disciplining should influence a child's future behavior. Try an "action replay" after misbehavior. Ask them to tell you what they... read more
What do you tell your nine and two year old when their Daddy is facing a life-threatening injury with virtually no chance of survival?  How do you protect them from... read more
There was a time when rewards and punishments were the foundation of most parents’ efforts to discipline their children.  The formula was pretty simple -... read more
It's a very delicate balance between being a caregiver to an addict and being codependent to the addict. read more
My family doesn’t vacation much. Oh, sure, we take trips. read more
Todd Adams shares how to instill courage and how to raise a resilient child
Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares her advice for raising resilient children.
As parents, we hope to protect our children from the hardships of life.
Kids In The House
Empathy is the ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guide our actions.
John O'Sullivan, Founder of Changing The Game Project, shares advice for kids, parents, and coaches during try-outs. Find out more about how parents and coaches can help... read more
With so much expertise in both playing and coaching sports, John O'Sullivan helps parents understand how to teach their children to set appropriate athletic goals.
Dealing with failure is difficult for all of us, but as parents, we often find it even harder to watch kids struggle with it.
Watch Video: Tracy's Story by Bullied Children, ...
Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, discusses how parents can help their kids thrive by stressing less themselves
Transitions can be hard.
Watch Video: Benefits of postive thinking by Edward Buchanan, ...
Dr. Ed Buchanan, author of " “The Adventures of the Prickly Pear and the Happy Hoglet: Beginning the Journey of the Mental Ninja,” discusses his book about the power of... read more
happy child
Kids in the House
How can I make sure that my child grows up to be a happy person? Happiness is not just a feeling but it is a learned skill.
View Josh Shipp's video on How can I help my struggling child?...
Watch Josh Shipp's video on Overcoming personal hardships in my life...
Dr. John Gray explains why a supportive parent is more important than a perfect childhood and why adversity can be a great learning tool
View Vicki Hoefle's video on Problem solving skills for middle schoolers...
View Vicki Hoefle's video on Helping kids deal with life challenges...
See Vicki Hoefle's video on Tips in raising a compassionate and selfless child...
Watch Reveta Bowers's video on How I can raise a happy child...
Pastor Jimmy Bartz shares advice for parents on how to, in a Christian perspective, raise your child to be resilient
Pastor Jimmy Bartz shares advice for parents on how to teach your child to not only overcome, but succeed after facing failure in life
Learn about: Tips for when your child hits that bump in the road from Reveta Bowers,...
Watch Video: Tips for learning through external family issues and stress by Reveta Bowers, ...
See Reveta Bowers's video on Strength and acheivment...
See Michael Pritchard's video on Overcoming hearing impairment and cultural differences...
View Ross W. Greene, PhD's video on Tips for parents for teaching kids problem solving skills...
Learn about: The difference between giving in and re-prioritizing with your child from Ross W. Greene, PhD,...
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