Parenting after the death of a child

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Parenting after the death of a child

The death of a child, obviously, is going to impact the way that you parent other children. I think that the real key to it is trying to take any overbearing or negative urges you have as a parent, and turning them into positives. The desire to take your children and withdraw into this safe, little cocoon, is huge. You have to fight it and still know that your child has to go out there and get bumps and bruises and experience life. You can't just shut them in, as much as you may want to. It also is a good thing that you have a lot of perspective. It is not the perspective that you wanted, but nonetheless, you are not going to sweat the small stuff. Tantrums aren't fun, but it's better than the alternative. If you can keep a level head while letting your child experience life, while trying to hold back and keep them safe against you. It's all about finding the balance. If there is anything good that came from it, it's really appreciating what you have, when you have it.

See Heather Spohr's video on Parenting after the death of a child...


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Heather Spohr

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Heather Spohr is a writer and philanthropist who blogs at the award-winning blog, "The Spohrs Are Multiplying". She is a top fundraiser for the March of Dimes and the President and Co-Founder of “Friends Of Maddie,” a charitable organization that supports the families of critically ill babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. She has spoken at numerous conferences, on CNN, and before members of Congress.

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