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NICU Support Packs

Friends of Maddie put together support packages for NICU parents. It is to help make the lives of families in the NICU a little bit easier. We, my husband and I, having had a child in the NICU for ten weeks, really drew on our own experiences of what we wish we had, and asking other parents in the NICU what they wish they had. It was a lot of simple, basic things to make life easier. Everything from snacks, granola bars, or toothbrush and toothpaste, and a water bottle because it is so important to stay hydrated; especially if you are a new mom whose pumping. The biggest thing we have in there is a file folder that includes a notebook for parents to write down the medical jargon that they hear, to keep organized with all of the paperwork, and really kind of stay organized; which is really important when parents are taking turns being there. It is a good way for one parent to communicate to the next one, what's happened while they were gone.

Watch Heather Spohr's video on NICU Support Packs...


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Heather Spohr

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Heather Spohr is a writer and philanthropist who blogs at the award-winning blog, "The Spohrs Are Multiplying". She is a top fundraiser for the March of Dimes and the President and Co-Founder of “Friends Of Maddie,” a charitable organization that supports the families of critically ill babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. She has spoken at numerous conferences, on CNN, and before members of Congress.

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