Better parenting through online communities

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Better parenting through online communities

An online parenting network can help you become a better parent because it gives you access to thousands of people with information that you normally wouldn't have access to. You can ask the group for recommendations for specific pediatricians that have the same philosophy as you. You can ask about schools in your area. You can ask how to find out how to get into a private school versus a public school versus a charter school versus a magnet school. So there's parents that have been through all these experiences who can give you answers right away. And it's also used to find nannies. A lot of times when kids are going off to school and the parents don't need the nanny anymore, they recommend their nanny to the group. It's also a great way to buy and sell your baby stuff, strollers and clothes; so when your child has outgrown certain things, you can post it on Peachhead or a community site. You can also, as well as being an online community site, it can also be an offline community site. We've had a lot of get-togethers. We've had mom's night out potlucks, we've had spa nights, we've done events, and we've also had get-togethers with the kids. So it's a great way of meeting people online but then bringing that to a face-to-face and personal meeting. So I've been a member, I've had this group for 14 years now, and although I grew up in L.A., my closest friends are all people I've met through by Peachhead group. So you become a family.
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View Linda Perry's video on Better parenting through online communities...


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Linda Perry

"Peachhead" Mom

Linda was born and raised in Venice, California, and has always been an active member of the community. She has worked for the same law firm since 1985, and started Peachhead as a hobby in 1997. She currently lives in Venice with her husband and two daughters. 

In addition to being the sole creator of Peachhead Familes, she was personally selected by Nintendo as their "Ambassador Mom" when they introduced the Wii gaming system (USA Today). She  has also been selected to be on the Parenting Team Advisory board for the website, and was chosen to be an Alpha Mom for Broadway Theatre in Los Angeles. Linda has been featured on the Today Show and in The New York Times. In order to ensure online connections become more personal, Linda also hosts periodic "Peachhead Days" and Moms Nights Out.In her free time, Linda likes to read, exercise, and go to the beach. She is a charter member of two book clubs, loves to travel, and enjoys going out with her family and friends. Her motto is "lovin' life." 

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