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I think the best advice I could give as somebody who has four children, ranging from 11 to 21, is to just try to be very, very present with them. The time goes fast. There are teachable moments in everything that they do. Take the time to just sit down and talk to them and speak genuinely, speak honestly – they will so appreciate that and respect that from you. I think when you talk to them, you need to just talk from just a really honest place. And they’re going to reflect that back to you and you will end up having a really lovely relationship with your kids. Just be there. Be present.

View Jane Rose's video on Golden Nugget...


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Jane Rose

Mom & School Founder

Jane Rose is one of the co-founders of Seven Arrows Elementary School in Los Angeles, where she oversees the business office in a  K-6 school rooted in traditional academic rigor with a unique curriculum of world culture and the arts in a community where parents are partners. Seven Arrows believes academic success creates strong self-esteem, growing compassionate, inspired thinkers and ethical leaders. Prior to co-founding Seven Arrows Elementary School, Jane sold residential real estate for many years on the Westside of Los Angeles.  Jane is an avid hiker and paddle-tennis player, and  the mother of four children ages 13 to 23, and is a third generation Los Angeles native. 

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