Tips for disciplining teens

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Tips for disciplining teens | Kids in the House
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Tips for disciplining teens

My thoughts on discipline for a teenager are, you have to be careful because whatever you set as a consequence, you better stand behind. I think it's really important not to let them manipulate of you or weasel out of a consequence for something that they didn't do or did that you didn't like. I think with a teenager, you can reason with them and negotiate with them, and really talk through whatever the problem was. Yes, there has to be consequences, but there is a whole other set of rules with teenagers than younger children. I think you can do more negotiating and more communicating.

Watch Video: Tips for disciplining teens by Jane Rose, ...


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Jane Rose

Mom & School Founder

Jane Rose is one of the co-founders of Seven Arrows Elementary School in Los Angeles, where she oversees the business office in a  K-6 school rooted in traditional academic rigor with a unique curriculum of world culture and the arts in a community where parents are partners. Seven Arrows believes academic success creates strong self-esteem, growing compassionate, inspired thinkers and ethical leaders. Prior to co-founding Seven Arrows Elementary School, Jane sold residential real estate for many years on the Westside of Los Angeles.  Jane is an avid hiker and paddle-tennis player, and  the mother of four children ages 13 to 23, and is a third generation Los Angeles native. 

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