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Golden Nugget

Unlimited patience and love. That’s really it. I mean no matter if you have four kids, all disabled – God bless you – or if you have, like I do, one and one. Being a good parent is being a good parent, no matter whether it’s to a disabled child or a normal, typically developing child. Love them, accept them, understand them – they came into this world little people. I love that. I love that. It’s like we’re blessed. Just enjoy every moment. Don’t take anything for granted and love them. Yeah.

See Nick Kokotakis's video on Golden Nugget...


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Nick Kokotakis


Nick Kokotakis is a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles. He has two daughters age 9 ½ and 21, one of whom is disabled. An actor and photographer, Nick also enjoys hockey and kickboxing – but he swears he’s not a violent person! 

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