Siblings of disabled children

Learn about: Siblings of disabled children from Nick Kokotakis,...
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Siblings of disabled children

For my younger daughter, having a sister with disabilities, I think has -- I've actually had her teachers tell me that having an older sister with disabilities has actually made her more patient, more understanding. That's a good thing. There are times where my older daughter wanted to be social events, whether at her school or athletics. It is not appropriate to have her older sister there because her older sister doesn't manage crowded venues very well and, in the past, has had explosive tantrums. There is that balance, but I imagine it is the same with having two normal -- which I don't like using that term -- normal kids. You have to find a way.

Learn about: Siblings of disabled children from Nick Kokotakis,...


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Nick Kokotakis


Nick Kokotakis is a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles. He has two daughters age 9 ½ and 21, one of whom is disabled. An actor and photographer, Nick also enjoys hockey and kickboxing – but he swears he’s not a violent person! 

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