Parenting a disabled child

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Parenting a disabled child

It took many years and still does take time to come to terms with my daughter being disabled. The process is unique to all of us. Us, being parents of disabled children. I say that it's still happening because there are moments where I am surprised about how I'll feel about a moment, how I'll feel about something my daughter might struggle with, that we would take for granting. Something simple. Walking a few blocks might be a difficult thing for her. Obviously, it is not an easy process. It is something that is ongoing.

View Nick Kokotakis's video on Parenting a disabled child...


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Nick Kokotakis


Nick Kokotakis is a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles. He has two daughters age 9 ½ and 21, one of whom is disabled. An actor and photographer, Nick also enjoys hockey and kickboxing – but he swears he’s not a violent person! 

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