Golden nugget of parenting advice

Learn about: Golden nugget of parenting advice from Gregg Murset, CFP,...
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Golden nugget of parenting advice

So I became a father when I was 23, and that's pretty young, and my wife and I really struggled with the fact that we wanted to teach our kids how to be responsible and accountable and smart with money early on, because those are the things that really help a person succeed in life. And so just the other day, my 15 year old boy dropped his phone and shattered the screen and so we went to the store to see about getting it fixed. And he went up to the sales clerk and talked to him about it and the guy said, "It's gonna cost $100." And I thought for sure, he was gonna look to me and say, "Alright, dad, pay him so we can get this fixed." And he didn't. We turned around and we walked out of the store and he was kinda devastated, he was like, "I don't have $100, how am I gonna pay for the screen to get fixed?" And that, to me, was success. I had actually taught him that I don't bail him out, but he's responsible for his own mishap. And that, to me, is overcoming something that I really worried about when I was younger. So my golden nugget of advise to a parent is: Be consistent. Teach your kids, but be consistent about it. Don't just give in and say something and do another, be consistent. If you're consistent with your kids and you teach them good, valuable advice, it's gonna last them their whole lifetime and it's really gonna put them on a path for them to succeed.

Learn about: Golden nugget of parenting advice from Gregg Murset, CFP,...


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Gregg Murset, CFP, is the father of six children, a Certified Financial Planner and the Founder and CEO of the fastest growing website,, which teaches kids about work and money.

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