Understanding personal financial literacy

Watch Gregg Murset, CFP's video on Understanding personal financial literacy...
Understanding personal financial literacy | Kids in the House
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Understanding personal financial literacy

So, personal financial literacy either is misunderstood or not understood at all. Or not even heard about. And personal financial literacy really takes into account two major things. One, is work and the other is money smarts. And those two things have to be taught at a really super early age. And if they're not, kids just seem to not be able to get it, as well as they could. So let me give you an example. If kids can go in their backyard, assign your son to go in the backyard and scoop the dog poop for two weeks and after those two weeks, he's earned some money, takes that money, goes to the store and buys the toy that he's really wanted. A week later, the toy is broken. He understands, "Boy, that was really not that great of an investment I just made," and so he understands financial literacy now because he understands work and he also understands how maybe that wasn't the best financial decision in the whole world. So those two things, working and understanding money and making good decisions, that's what financial literacy is.

Watch Gregg Murset, CFP's video on Understanding personal financial literacy...


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Gregg Murset, CFP

Founder & CEO, MyJobChart.com

Gregg Murset, CFP, is the father of six children, a Certified Financial Planner and the Founder and CEO of the fastest growing website, MyJobChart.com, which teaches kids about work and money.

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