Overcoming challenges in parenting

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Overcoming challenges in parenting

One of the challenges that I've overcome as a father is really teaching my kids how to be responsible on their own. Just the other day, my 15 year-old dropped his phone and shattered the front of his phone. And we went... For a 15 year old boy, that's a tragedy. And we went to the store to see about getting the screen fixed. And when we went there, he was the one talking to the sales guy about how to get the screen fixed. And the guy told him, "It's going to cost $100 to fix this." And I was fully expecting him to look at me and say, "Alright Dad. Pony up the $100. Let's get my screen fixed." And he didn't do that. He simply said, "Oh, okay," and then we left the store, and I thought, "Now, that's overcoming something. I've actually taught this kid that when something breaks, it's not necessarily anybody's problem but his to get fixed." And so I think that was a big deal for me. That taught me that I actually taught him something, and it came full circle.

View Gregg Murset, CFP's video on Overcoming challenges in parenting...


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Gregg Murset, CFP, is the father of six children, a Certified Financial Planner and the Founder and CEO of the fastest growing website, MyJobChart.com, which teaches kids about work and money.

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