Breaking family parenting cycles

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Breaking family parenting cycles

Many people want to have a different relationship with their children than they had with their own parents. And a common question is: How do I go about establishing that bond? And the reality is that family cycles are hard to break. So it's really important to be conscious of the experiences that you had as a child, and not just the experiences, but the actual underlying emotions that went with those experiences. So that way you can actually attend to your child's feelings, be in tuned to what it is that they truly need as a person. Because I think deep down underneath all of our experiences with our parents where there were missteps, it was a miss-match or a lock of attunement to what it was that we were needing or feeling in those moments. I would strongly suggest building a support group and a community, whether that's through other parents, ideally those who have a similar parenting style to yourself, and probably have older children because they've already been through what you're in the middle of; it could be online communities, support groups, perhaps working with a therapist if you really feel you have unresolved issues that haven't been addressed or are maybe coming up for you in a new way. Having babies can push our buttons in all sorts of new magical ways that it might make sense to really work with someone around.

See Aimee Wheeler, PsyD's video on Breaking family parenting cycles...


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Aimee Wheeler, PsyD


When her son was born, Aimee found herself in uncharted waters. She knew she wanted to be a different type of parent than her parents had been. After years of self-exploration, she felt she had healed a lot of her childhood emotional wounds and that she could be a good mother but she didn't really know how to parent differently. She went to Mommy and Me classes, breastfeeding groups, you name it, searching to fill a void she initially could not identify. They were all helpful but not what she felt she was longing for. She realized she was looking for a safe place to really talk about the challenges she was facing every day. Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the forums she found as a new mother were able to provide that. She vowed then to create such a place for parents, and the idea for Parenting Discovery Center was born.

Her educational background in psychology had nurtured her tremendous curiosity about the impact and importance of infant attachment. Her research in this area had equipped her with a conscious sieve to help evaluate the overwhelming amount of parenting advice available. What she found was that at a time of total vulnerability, parents are often taught parenting techniques that cause them to unwittingly undermine this important and essential bond. 

The Center provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring the emotions and challenges faced by new parents. They are also here to help peoople understand the importance of attachment and help parents build a conscious bond with their baby based upon their individual family's values and lifestyle. 

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