Finding your strengths to become a better dad

Learn about: Finding your strengths to become a better dad from Chen Oren, PhD,...
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Finding your strengths to become a better dad

Fathers have different strengths that sometimes we’re not aware of. For example, some of the things that sometimes we see fathers as not doing well can actually be looked as strength. Fathers who are problem solvers are sometimes looked down to, because they’re not able to attend to their partner’s needs. But if we’re able to help fathers understand that there’s a lot of ways to solve problems, that can be a strength. Fathers also see their strength as having a good sense of humor, of being strong, being providers and in time of need, being always able to be there and help people around them. So one of the things that I like to do when I walk with fathers is to help fathers identify their strength and what they are good with and see how they can apply the different things that they do well outside their family with their family. So fathers can apply communication skills that they do at work. They can apply bonding type of experiences that they learned in sports. Or they can just become leaders in their own family while using some nurturing as they do in the workplace.

Learn about: Finding your strengths to become a better dad from Chen Oren, PhD,...


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Chen Oren, PhD

Psychologist & Author

Chen Z. Oren, PhD, is a psychologist with a private practice in Westlake Village, CA. He is also a researcher, author, and speaker. Dr. Oren specializes in the psychology of men, fathers, and athletes.  He counsels men, women, couples, and athletes and co-leads a weekly men's group.   Dr. Oren’s work with men and fathers is focused on understanding their own experiences, challenges, and strengths to help them become fathers.  He serves on the board of the American Psychological Association, Division 51, the Study of the Psychology or Men and Masculinity.  He speaks locally and nationally on issues related to men and fathering issues, diversity, and effective counseling.  His book, Counseling Fathers (Routledge), is designed to bridge the gap between fathers and professional helpers. He has ongoing research on fathers and therapy that looks closely at the experiences of fathers to better understand their strengths and their struggles. Dr. Oren received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from USC.

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