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Postpartum Depression

Everything you need to know about Postpartum Depression (PPD).

When you become a mother, you instantly become the ultimate guide for your child; the person with all the answers– whether that is true or not. But before you even get to questions about life and love with your child, you might notice some feelings in yourself that you don’t even know how to respond to. If you think you might be suffering from postpartum depression, Kids in the House has the resources you need to check symptoms, understand the disease, and learn how to move forward.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a medical condition where a woman who has recently given birth experiences intense, unrelenting negative emotions that disrupt her daily functioning. Symptoms can occur during pregnancy, almost immediately after giving birth, or up to a year after childbirth. If the onset of depression is during pregnancy, this is also referred to Prenatal Depression. Depression during pregnancy and after childbirth is known as Perinatal Depression.

Postpartum depression is common, with about ten percent of the ... Read more

Katherine Stone, Founder and Editor of Postpartum Progress, shares advice for for moms on how to recognize if you have postpartum depression. Not all postpartum... read more
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains the risks of not treating postpartum depression and hoping it will just go away on its own
Psychotherapist WIll Courtenay, PhD, explains what the causes of paternal postnatal depression are, when they are most likely to occur, and what men can do to help... read more
Psychologist and Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, shares advice to help expecting moms that can help to prevent postpartum depression
Getting support and help to treat your postpartum depression can be extremely influential. Hear award-winning author and expert Katherine Stone's advice on getting... read more
Kimberly Wong, Postpartum Depression Activist, explains how you can tell if what you're going through is the baby blues, or a more serious condition known as postpartum... read more
Dr. Shamsah Amersi, MD Obstetrician and Gynecologist, shares advice for women on how to treat postpartum depression, and the importance of asking for help. Postpartum... read more
Kimberly Wong, Postpartum Depression Activist, explains the various risk factors associated with postpartum depression that make a postpartum depression onset more... read more
Kimberly Wong, Postpartum Depression Activist, explains what perinatal depression is, and the time frame for when it can occur and how long it can last.
Dr. Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains the biggest misconceptions about postpartum depression (PPD), and how knowing the facts behind the perinatal mood disorder can help... read more
Hear Dr. Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explain why mothers suffering from postpartum depression should not try to 'tough it out' and struggle through it, and the negative... read more
Chen Oren, PhD Psychologist and Author, explains what the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression in men are and how to best treat them
Kids in the House
Being pregnant and having a baby creates a roller coaster of emotions. Regardless of how much you looked forward to giving birth, the process can be stressful.
Kids in the House
Having a baby is an emotional experience. New moms experience a range of emotions from happiness and excitement to depression and anxiety.
I sat on the padded table, Reagan propped on my knee. The appointment was for my four-month-old daughter.
Katherine Stone, world-renowned expert on postpartum depression, shares her own personal experiences of handling postpartum depression, especially in terms of the... read more
Having struggled with postpartum depression herself, Katherine Stone shares some tips that can be easily utilized to help a friend with postpartum depression.
While there are many helpful things to say to a woman with postpartum depression, there are a lot of statements that can actually be very detrimental to a woman that is... read more
Why is it so hard to ask for help? Katherine Stone dives into this topic, as a mother who once experienced postpartum depression. Gain insight on her advice for women... read more
How could anything positive come from postpartum depression, you might be wondering. Katherine Stone shares her take on how postpartum changed her as a person and how it... read more
Katherine Stone, Parenting Columnist & Advocate, explains the laundry list of factors that put women at risk for postpartum depression in order to help prevent it
Katherine Stone, Parenting Columnist... read more
Dealing with guilt as part of postpartum depression can be challenging. Leave it to Katherine Stone, an expert in the field, to alleviate your worries and fears.
Child Psychiatrist and Author Joshua Sparrow, MD, shares his top tips for new parents on how to deal with and prevent postpartum exhaustion
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, offers support for women who are suffering with prenatal depression following fertility struggles
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains how postpartum depression is 100 percent treatable and the best ways for treating it properly
Clinical Psychologist and Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains a few common factors that can put some women at a higher risk for postpartum depression
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains what therapy options are best to help women going through a tough postpartum period
Did your expectations of having a newborn match reality? If not, that is totally ok. Clinical psychiatrist Shoshana Bennett, PhD busts the myths about bringing home a... read more
Psychologist and Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains what the risks are of a women having postpartum again if she had it after the first child, and how... read more
Psychologist and Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, shares her top wellness tips for new moms on how to get through the difficult postpartum period
Condense the information you receive from doctors, psychiatrists, and friends into trustworthy advice that you can use. Learn how to do this from expert Shoshana Bennett... read more
Mandy Schutt, Doula & Hypnosis Instructor, explains what placenta encapsulation is and how it can help to prevent postpartum depression and baby blues
Mommy expert Debi Cox explains her personal experience with a c-section and postpartum depression. Watch this video for simple tips that were life-changing for her.
Parenting Consultant Barbara Olinger, MSW, shares advice for new mothers on how to best deal with the postnatal feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation that are... read more
Mother of three, Monica Gregory, shares her personal history with postpartum depression and how she and her husband were able to access the help that they needed.
Thoughts and fears about being a bad mom could be common for women who experience postpartum depression. Stay at home mom, Monica Gregory offers advice on moving past... read more
Having experienced postpartum depression herself, stay at home mommy, Monica Gregory, shares what many women need to hear. It is ok to ask for help. Find out how she did... read more
A supportive partner is a key factor in your recovery from postpartum depression. Monica Gregory describes the importance of the role that her partner played after her... read more
Joan Friedman, PhD Psychologist & Twin Expert, explains the reasons behind why mothers of twins may be more prone to postpartum depression
Postpartum depression is not limited to women. Find out why new fathers experience symptoms of depression after the birth of their newborn.
Psychotherapist Will Courtenay, PhD, explains how a man's postnatal depression can affect his kids and why it is important to treat postnatal depression so that it doesn... read more
Kimberly Wong, Postpartum Depression Activist, explains how postpartum depression is highly treatable and how it is best treated
Kimberly Wong, Postpartum Depression Activist, explains why it is so important to treat postpartum depression and what it can lead to if not properly treated
Psychotherapist Will Courtenay, PhD, shares advice for men on the best ways to prevent paternal postnatal depression, as well as how to best treat postnatal depression... read more
Suzanne Barston, Author and Blogger, shares advice from her personal experience of what it feels like to have postpartum depression and the importance of telling someone... read more

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