The Fatherhood Initiative for Baby Buggy

Learn about: The Fatherhood Initiative for Baby Buggy from Bill Horn,...
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The Fatherhood Initiative for Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy’s Fatherhood Initiative is great because it incentivizes fathers to be more involved in their child’s lives. It’s not just about giving them free stuff. They actually get rewarded for getting a job or getting their GED and bringing themselves out of poverty. So it’s about encouraging fathers to be involved in their child’s lives and rewarding that. And the more involved dads are, we stand behind this, we believe the more children will stay in school, there will be less poverty, and they thrive more with a father-figure around. We see that in our home, that our being around a lot and being active participants in our child’s upbringing means she’s going to be a better person, God-willing.

Learn about: The Fatherhood Initiative for Baby Buggy from Bill Horn,...


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