Tips for surviving baby's first year

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Tips for surviving baby's first year

The best piece of parenting advice that Scout and I ever got was that the best gift you can give yourself and, ultimately, give your child, is a sleep schedule. The more sleep your child gets, the better naps they take, the better off they'll be and the better off you'll be because they won't be little terrors. We are very adamant about her taking an afternoon nap, getting to bed at a decent hour, and really trying to get her into a routine. Keeping your child up all night, just so you can see them, is really not good. You get an unruly child.

View Bill Horn's video on Tips for surviving baby's first year...


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Bill Horn

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Bill Horn and longtime partner, Scout Masterson (aka "The Guncles") appear on the hit reality television show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood". During the previous seasons of the show, viewers experienced “The Guncles” commitment ceremony planned by Tori Spelling and the beginning of their journey towards parenthood through the open adoption process. Show fans quickly became excited in sharing this journey with Bill and Scout, and they maintain a large, mixed male and female fan base of all ages. Bill and Scout have welcomed a beautiful newborn daughter into their lives, Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn. Bill and Scout are currently filming Season 6, "The Guncles" are excited to share their journey into parenthood with their fans.

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